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Morning affirmations and I also believe that love doesn't follow the rulebook, so why should you? Take risks, break free from the norm, and create your own fairytale with a Sophia Richie Grainge -worthy twist.   


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When life hands you lemons, make a lemonade margarita and throw a party that leaves everyone wondering how you turn setbacks into slaybacks.

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Hustle culture, artificial people, long emails, bullsh*t, comparison, cutting out the 'meh' to make room for the very best, boring anything.


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Slow mornings, spending time with my family, french countryside landscape,Parisian rooftop, intimate gathering and cheesy anything.


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 What’s your favorite french dish? city or place on your bucket list? 

I’m nurturing myself by traveling, experiences, and connecting with new places and people. Everything is all about creating the best energy and feelings. I value the client's experience and the meaning of getting married. As a French woman, my vision is a subtle balance between art, culture, fashion and simplicity. I love the feeling of coloring outside the lines while honoring the lines at the same time. 

I specialize in creating unforgettable destination weddings that capture the essence of couples. From start to finish, my goal is to craft a unique and personalized celebration that reflects their passions and style. Let's embark together on a wondrous journey of creating a cherished and memorable wedding experience.

My journey and my work have been driven by this search for meaning. Let’s start with why I am doing what I am doing – to have an impact in people's lives and do something meaningful. I feel so honored when people choose me to create and be a part of their special moment. That’s why I found fulfillment in creating intimate and unique memories for my clients. We might have a lot in common, if you’re looking for something more : bigger, beautiful, deeper.

Bonjour, I am Elise and .. I am so glad you’re here!

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My clients are fashion minded couples who want to create an experience in one of the most beautiful corner of the globe.


In addition to being educated and cultured, they are also incredibly kind and care most about creating the experience of a lifetime for those they love most.

I understand and love that my approach and vision is not for everyone. I love when I’m able to connect with couples who share the same mindset and values that I have. My couples are kind, creative and think outside the box.

They love discovering and exploring the world. and have a discerning taste for exquisite style, drawing inspiration from the elegance of European architecture and timeless fashion.

They appreciate the significance of certain traditions, yet seek to infuse their wedding with a unique touch that truly reflects their authentic selves.

Most importantly they treat others with respect, value family and know that their wedding day is about expressing themselves together.

Luxury to them means simplicity and intimate moments and they are willing to invest in order to have the best experience. 

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