Okay here's the tea. I advise you to talk to a lot of planners before signing, unless it's love at first sight. She's gonna be in your most intimate moments, so don't chose her only for her experience or style but also be sure she matches your vibe, values or mindset. And because she's gonna match your values and mindset, she's gonna build the best team of vendors for you and THIS my friend is what make a wedding successful and stress free.

I'm not talking about wedding budget (not yet it will come, yes we'll have to) but ENERGY. Let's be honest, no matter what decision you'll make, somebody is gonna have an opinion or disagree with you about it. So please, be careful who you surround yourself with all along your wedding journey. My little tip is to prepare canned responses for people who don't get your vibe.  




 you're only engaged a temporary amount of time. So .. are you happy ? are you celebrating ? I mean you're going to marry the love of your life in France, you should be and you have any right to be in that vibe as long as that makes YOU happy. This is also the perfect mood to take turns sharing how you each envision that day? how do you both want to feel ? who do you imagine being thrilled to come celebrate ?



Congratulations to all you newly engaged out there! Being engaged is one of the most exciting times of your life. But can also be overwhelming.In this article, I won't delve into the procedural tips, but instead, I'll focus on the mental aspect. It is equally crucial to genuinely experience and derive joy from the process.

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